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LATIDO ('heartbeat' in Spanish) is a platform where you can be connected with the souls and hearts of the indigenous artisans from Colombia, South America. During your LATIDO journey, you will share your feelings and intensions with our artisan partners, and together we will co-create unique handmade art pieces.

We believe that it is through the beats of our hearts and our energy that all beings in the universe get connected and thanks to this ability, humanity is able to move forward, understand and learn from all beings in the universe. The universe speaks to us all the time, and by sharing its energy, you can be re-connected with yourself and receive a handcrafted piece with a unique story that will energize your journey! 

When your heart beats, is a moment of mindfulness, a space of harmony between your body, your soul, and the universe. Your heart illuminates your paths and when hearts beat in the same tune, peace, love, and co-creation are possible! 



LATIDO is a family where every member is at the heart. We want people to get connected on a human level where both, community and artisans, can learn and get inspired from each other. We want to build the bridge that connects minds, souls and dreams. 


We treat each of our partners with respect, love,  honesty and fairness. When you experience LATIDO, we want you to feel empowered and life enriched. Each handmade piece tells you a story, it contains a mindful insight that will re-store your energy and will give you guidance to continue your journey of self-discovery. Feed your soul with gratitude.

Currently, we are partnered with six families and one community of artisans located in the southwest part of Colombia who belong to the Inga and Kamentsa indigenous community.  

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