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Angel & Diego

Family, when the whole is greater than sum of its parts 

Don Angel and Diego are father and son, both have immersed themselves in the bead and wood art. They complemented each other perfectly, Angel does the woodcarving process and then Diego adds vibrant and colorful beaded patterns to the masks. In each of their designs, they capture the culture and tradition of the Kamentsa indigenous community. The faces and their gestures represent the people who live and have lived in the Sibundoy Valley in Colombia. The colors of the mask depict the deep connection that they have with every element in nature and their designs are based on their sacred symbolism.  


Seeing them working at their workshop, creating together art wooden pieces, reminds us the importance of been connected to our families and the beauty of the collective work.

  • Kamentsa Indigenous Community.

  • Location: Sibundoy, Putumayo - Colombia.

Angel & Diego's Shop

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