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Art that weaves thoughts

Eliana, an indigenous woman, master in fine arts from the National University of Colombia, a painter and empowered cultural and social leader which lives in the Sibundoy Valley in Putumayo, Colombia. Through her art, Eliana has not only shown to the world the traditions, beliefs, and culture of the Kamensta indigenous people but also has defended the land, resources, and rights of the indigenous communities. Her art expresses the deep connection that exists among the human being and nature and invites us to be in balance with the universe, with our territory, with our ancestors, with Mother Earth.

Each piece of art, embodies the cosmovision of her community, their thoughts, and hearts. The land of the Kamentsa people in Colombia is woven with the memory of their ancestors, with the mother earth, the colors of their costumes, and the connection with the sacred plants that keep alive the memory of their people. 

  • Kamentsa Indigenous Community

  • Location: Sibundoy, Putumayo - Colombia

Eliana's Shop

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