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Maria Dolores

A path of wisdom and ancestral memory

Maria Dolores has been weaving for more than 50 years. Her talent goes beyond the designs itself, as every piece made by her represents the way she perceives the world, her feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Her handmade pieces embody the stories of her ancestors, the Kamentsa Indigenous people of Colombia. Each design depicts the culture of her community and reminds us to always be connected with our roots and vital energy centers.

Having her in our LATIDO family is a blessing. A part of being a very extremely talented artisan, she is an amazing human being. She has the capacity of making people’s hearts beat faster. She teaches us every day that life goes beyond material aspects. Her passion, love, and care for others inspire us to be more conscious of our surroundings, the energies, people and nature. She invites us to dream. She give us hope, she teaches us that happiness is a self-decision.

  • Kamentsa Indigenous Community.

  • Location: Sibundoy, Putumayo - Colombia.

Maria Dolores' Shop

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