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In collaboration with six Colombian artists, we have collected the dreams of the Kamentsa indigenous community in Colombia and captured them into fifty hand-painted facemasks.


Your LATIDO face-mask supports a dream in Colombia - 40% of the sales go directly to the indigenous community initiative "My Colorful Chagra" and to the artists who painted your mask.


When you wear a LATIDO facemask, feel the wisdom of nature and its call to dream consciously and collectively. We invite you to reflect and see how your dreams and actions can manifest empathy and love towards all beings in the universe.


Visit our Instagram (@latidofamily) for more info about "My Colorful Chagra" initiative.




AZ009 Facemask

SKU: AZ009
  • This territory inspires me every day with its magic. It's a marvelous place where amazing beings live together. The scent of plants, the birds, and the landscapes are beautiful gifts.

    Through lines, shapes and colors, I dialogue with the plants, animals, and beings that inhabit this Valley.