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Healing with the sounds of the mountains

Alejo has spent many years in the jungle of South America, traveled around the forest and coexisted with Mother Nature in order to learn the power of natural medicine and be able to transmit its wisdom. Apart from being a continuous student of plant medicine, Alejo is passionate about music. For him, music is a spiritual tool that leads people to healing experiences. He handmade traditional music instruments and played them at different shamanic ceremonies to harmonize the energies of the places and help others in the healing journeys. He learned the art of carving from his grandfather. Every single detail on his instruments is well crafted and designed entirely by him, he goes to the forest and collects the right wood, he cuts it in the right moment based on the moon's cycle, he waits patiently until the wood is completely dry. He carves the wood with so much love, that every time you listening to him playing one of his instruments, you are transported to the forest and you feel his heart awakening your soul.

  • Inga Indigenous Community.

  • Location: Sibundoy, Putumayo - Colombia.

Alejandro's Shop

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