As LATIDO, we feel there is a need of a collective wellbeing. People around the world are seeking opportunities to truly connect with others, with nature and their inner-selves. We will like to invite you to be part of our next journey to Colombia and experience a deeper connection with people and nature. We truly believe that people should become more aware of the indigenous communities, their rights, tradition, and culture, and as a result, we all can express feelings of empathy and collaboration with the universe.

Every time we travel to Colombia and visited the communities, we had such an amazing experience. We felt connected with nature, with our ancestors, with the hearts of the artisans, and we wanted to embrace their dreams as much as ours. We understood that LATIDO has been created not only to empower artisans and improve their lives, but also to transform the lives of the people who get connected with them. Thanks to this experience our soul got full of gratitude, and we want people to feel the same.  

We have designed a experience for you. Travel with us, in a simple and honest environment. 

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