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For the indigenous people everything is alive, and through our breath, we can be connected with other beings, with the spirit of the mountains, the rocks, the rivers, the animals, and with the hearts of other humans. 


At LATIDO we build avenues to connect you with the indigenous artisans, and through us you can co-create unique handmade pieces that will guide your path. Each creation becomes a bridge between two worlds.


How to Co-Create?


Select one of our artisan partners, choose the type of piece that you will like to co-create (i.e. necklace, wooden mask, bracelet, journal, etc.) and send us your intention. Your LATIDO piece will carry your intention as well as the intention and energy of the artisan. They will use their sacred patterns, their hands and heart to create a unique piece just for you. You will receive the piece in about a month with a unique message from the artisan.


Tell us anything that you would like us to share with the artisan -  What is your purpose for co-creating this piece? What does it represent for you? It is a gift or it is a piece for yourself  What colors would you like the artisan to include in the final design and why?  What inspires you to do this co-creation? any additional information? 

Let's Co-Create!

Thanks for submitting. We'll get back to you soon!

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