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Aponte, a place to reinvent ourselves

Aponte is a town located in the southwest part of Colombia, where the Inga indigenous people have lived for the past 500 years. 


In the early 90´s illegal groups turned their attention to this place and started to cultivate illegal crops in Aponte, causing vast damages to the community, as families were uprooted from their homes, kids were forced to take part on this conflict, people were killed and many of them vanished without a trace. But thanks to their vision and collective work, 15 years ago the rural farmers of Aponte went from drug crops to selling coffee, cocoa, and handcrafted pieces. They understood that the only way to find peace was by rescuing their traditions and respecting Mother Earth. They decided voluntary to replace the drug crops with high-quality cocoa and coffee and trained again the artisans of the region on the art of weaving and beading.

Every time you get a handmade piece from this community, you are also supporting this dream. We all deserve second chances to reborn and reinvent ourselves.

  • Inga Indigenous Community.

  • Location: Aponte, Nariño- Colombia.

Aponte's Shop

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